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yesterday, today and tonight

Spent last 3 days putting together my application for Arts Council visual arts bursary. The experience was similar to climbing Mullaghmore, I kept thinking I was done and then I’d realise there was another bit to go. Literally submitted it 1/2 an hour ago, now experiencing usual anti-climactic post hard work feeling. No time to dwell, rehearsal time for tonights performance w EVIL in Cork. Here in glór, going to practice the sensory deprivational crawl to an underworld track that lasts 10 minutes. If I can do this.

Ok that was such an interesting experience for me that I am happy to make this my work for tonight. Obviously sensory deprivation enhances your sense of touch and hearing. and crawling around limits your perameters and spatial awareness, so leads to different movement patterns. swooping circular gestures upwards and around with arms, searching for something in the nothingness. ushing and reaching with legs and feet. Slowed down movement due to hesitation of not knowing whats in front/beside you. I am driving to Cork, which will take over two hours and then home again after. Have to get kids minded and cancel kids activities tonight, all so I can do this. Hate that wheni want to go somewhere its a massive logistical operation. Performance will last 10-12 minutes. I am going to do what I want, and this feels right. I read a post from The White Pube girls on insta saying all white performance art is shit. Ha HA!


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