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Right now..

Have applied for:

RHA annual Show: painting

Tactic Gallery Oileann Show: performance

Livestock in assoc with Mart Gallery: performance

Artist in Schools Scheme: collaborative education

Women on Walls, DCU (partially submitted, to finish by 17 April): painting

Thinking about the Curator in residence for glór. (deadline 18 March) I had completely ruled this out thinking I do not have enough curatorial experience. Then I looked up the job outline from glór, and then the actual word curator, to remind myself:

Curators are responsible for assembling, cataloguing, managing and presenting/displaying artistic and cultural collections. Some museums run volunteer programmes or offer work placements.

This is all stuff I have done. I need to think about my background a little differently. Also it is one day a week, and I am 10 mins away walking. It is very practical. I fit 80% of their requirements. It would also help me career wise as it would improve my knowledge of the practical side and in terms of networking would be really really useful.

Also I am progressing slowly with my vetting under Create, which will hopefully allow me to go into multiple schools soon to teach the Body ALphabet Workshop.


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