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Aon, dó

Aon, dó

So I made this this morning to submit to open call. I’d had the idea over last week, about shouting a poem or a speech into the camera, close enough to become slightly distorted, with the sound turned off. and having spent the week w my kids at home this morning was the first opportunity to try making it. I don’t particularly like this and I look awful in it. I knew I had something when I couldn’t bear to watch it afterwards 🙂

A haon, a dó, muc is bó,
A trí, a ceathair, bróga leathair,
A cúig, a sé, cupán tae,
A seacht, a hocht, seanbhean bhocht,
A naoi, a deich, císte te.

This counting rhyme is one my kids learn in school in junior/senior infants. its the Irish equivalent of 1,2 buckle my shoe etc. Feeling of the piece- repetitive rhyming of the words. No sound can be heard as sound is a layer not required. It’s about vanishing, the emotions have no sound and then they vanish anyway.

It’s like when someone is shouting angrily through a wound up window of a car. The vehemence is visible but its neutered. It’s a short burst of vitriol, of unfettered emotion, making its presence felt through the silent utterances.


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