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View of work for Eggs & Butter to date

Carolin Armada farm visit 1 and NewMarket On Fergus research visit
More Carolin Armada Farm visits 1 and 2 drawings
Women I drew form O’ Connell Street, Ennis, and Carolin Armada Farm drawings Visit 1
Large Scale drawings in paint of Carolin – brown paper roll
section 1 of brown paper landscape roll
section 2 of brown paper landscape roll
section 3 of brown paper landscape roll

I have loads more drawings, of Veerla, Kay, and I need to locate here in the studio. Thinking about ways to display these, or some of these.

OK here they are but might be more I think..

Maggie Quin
Veerla, Ennistymon

How to make a story of these drawings. And show the strength of the women. I want to lengthen the brown paper scroll to include more scenes, of the women below. I need to practice first.

Annie Nolan, Linnala

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