Digital Drawing Collaborative Project- Finished

How to treat all this work? I asked artists and creative friends to contribute to this project. I was motivated to start the project around the slowing down of life during lockdown and having no choice but to have to confront oneself. It was something about being 45 right now and just to celebrate being aliveContinue reading “Digital Drawing Collaborative Project- Finished”

links from online essay History of Internet Art links from a switch lecture on the history of internet art. unfortunately for the guy who was lecturing the best thing about this was the chat box, by far

Digital Drawing Collaborative Project- So far

This had started the last time I posted. As in; I had received some works back but I am not sure if I had started posting them to insta. here is what I have chosen to post so far: I have been posting the images I have been sent to instagram, not that that isContinue reading “Digital Drawing Collaborative Project- So far”

Income streams, funding and other stressful matters

I am sat here reviewing the guidelines for applying for a visual arts bursary with the arts council. It is almost humorous how the very act of reading the guidelines gives me acute imposter syndrome. I then read over the feedback I got from the recent Covid 19 award application, which was just scores, andContinue reading “Income streams, funding and other stressful matters”

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