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Going on a bit- Re-Vision Festival 2021

I drove up to Belfast this am- I left at 10 and got there just after 3- the trip up was un eventful but I was late arriving because I spent the last hour driving around Belfast city centre negotiating the traffic trying to access the car park.. this seems to be a recurring issueContinue reading “Going on a bit- Re-Vision Festival 2021”

Clare Haven Opening Night

OK yesterday was the opening of Clare Haven- Behind Closed Doors- Hidden Truths Here is the speech I wrote for the opening night. I don’t give many speeches 🙂 ‘Hello and welcome etc etc. I am one of the project managers for the installation. Paul Corey is the other project Manager- he and I haveContinue reading “Clare Haven Opening Night”

Chop Chop- FIX21 Bienale Catalyst Arts

Thoughts on performance- catalyst arts, as part of FIX21 Biennale Arrived in Belfast after a long train journey and a run through Dublin trying to find Connolly station and being too embarrassed to ask any one because I couldn’t remember where it was. I ended up arriving at Connolly 5 mins too late for theContinue reading “Chop Chop- FIX21 Bienale Catalyst Arts”

Stuff I have applied for: an update

And spent many hours writing applications for despite having vowed not to do this any more.. project intensive project arts got email confirmation that this was received. Responses due early October. revision festival got email confirmation this was received. Not sure when they are replying. artist in schools- applying with one school at present. deadlineContinue reading “Stuff I have applied for: an update”

View of work for Eggs & Butter to date

I have loads more drawings, of Veerla, Kay, and I need to locate here in the studio. Thinking about ways to display these, or some of these. OK here they are but might be more I think.. How to make a story of these drawings. And show the strength of the women. I want toContinue reading “View of work for Eggs & Butter to date”

Eggs & Butter- armada Kitchen garden More work

I wanted to work on some images which conveyed her movement. Her movement was constant and repetitive, bending, reaching, stopping, pulling, walking up and down. The other images are of her IN and AMONGTh her garden as she is the garden and who made the garden, the two entities go together in my research. SheContinue reading “Eggs & Butter- armada Kitchen garden More work”