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Eggs and butter- site research revisit- Armada Kitchen Garden

How do you decide what to do each day, do you have a schedule? I asked Carolin today, and she said no, I just come in and decide on the spot, I go around putting out lots of little fires before they become big ones. I liked this description a lot. I was in theContinue reading “Eggs and butter- site research revisit- Armada Kitchen Garden”

August and the nights are closing in..

Just like my head, thinking about what has to be done in the next few weeks, how the days literally hurtle by and how dystopian life is- worrying about my own shit, then opening my phone and reading about Afghanistan, seeing people reaching up small kids to the soldiers, young guys who look panicked andContinue reading “August and the nights are closing in..”

The meaning of time, work-out podcasts and how failure shapes us

This evening I listened to a podcast about working out as the Americans call it, whilst working out. I was in the shed rowing. I was thinking about the usefulness of physical movement as a direct panacea to negative thoughts. I say panacea as the action of engaging in a physical action prevents you fromContinue reading “The meaning of time, work-out podcasts and how failure shapes us”

first thoughts on this mornings Tide Map

I am writing this now even though all my bones and body so badly want to go to bed. I pulled off Tide Map more or less, but it was such an oddly underwhelming yet also utterly overwhelming experience. I’d set my alarm for 2.40, as I was planning to leave at 3am. I gotContinue reading “first thoughts on this mornings Tide Map”

Trip to Flaggy Shore pre-Tide Map to check tides

SO I drove up to the Flaggy Shore this morning, Tuesday 29th to check the tide- according to my tide predictor website it should have been high tide this morning at 8.30. So I was there at 9.43 according to my phone time and the tide was like this. Woah! Much higher than I thoughtContinue reading “Trip to Flaggy Shore pre-Tide Map to check tides”

mentorship post – session thoughts

I had a zoom with Áine Philips today, she’d offered to do one more session to round up the chats we’d had. I wanted to ask her about the plans for the land performance works. As before, it was a very affirming experience and the simple act of having a conversation about the work withContinue reading “mentorship post – session thoughts”

The what, the why, the how and the when

What is happening: Tide Map, first of my three summer performances, created, produced, managed, promoted, in partnership with, Me. In association with Me, supported by Me, commissioned by Me. I listened to a podcast there a while back where Laurie Anderson was being interviewed. She agreed to the question that was put to her thatContinue reading “The what, the why, the how and the when”

Flaggy Shore Tide Map research trip

Images of research trip to Flaggy Shore Beach, Newquay, Co Clare this morning. Spent about 20 mins there from 11.40 to 12.00 midday. Tide was pretty far out, which was perfect for my research reasons, but according to my tide map would not have been fully out until 12.30pm today. It was raining but notContinue reading “Flaggy Shore Tide Map research trip”